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    With every new interview comes a new level of utter goddamn gorgeousness.  I’m trying to listen to what he’s saying but I just keep getting distracted by his eyes and him playing with his boot.  Oh well, just means I have to watch it again. 

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    to get a lot of followers you need a popular post

    to get a popular post you need a lot of followers


    to get a job you need experience

    to get experience you need a job


    to get a car you need a job

    to get a job you need a car


    to become more comfortable with social interaction you need to go to public places

    to go to public places you need to become more comfortable with social interaction


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  • Castello di Udine (c) Fabrice Gallina 2014

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    Hevnervals - Kaizers Orchestra
    Halt mich - Lacrimosa
    Hell Yeah - De eneste To
    Haifisch - Rammstein
    Hjem til dæ - Sirkus Eliassen

    Thanks! x)

  • Аноним asked : S and K

    Too many songs with both these letters so I’m gonna put here first 5 that come to my mind) 


    Skulls - Bastille
    Stormfull vals - Kaizers Orchestra
    Se og bli sett - Magnus Eliassen
    Soul on fire - HIM
    Søvnlaus - Blod, snått og juling


    Kontroll på kontinentet - Kaizers Orchestra
    Kald, Kald natt -Skambankt
    Kadavers - Blod, snått og juling
    Karma police - Radiohead
    Kiss the dawn - Guano apes

    Thank you! x

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